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Language Marketplace is committed to providing the highest quality possible in translation services, while guaranteeing the best price to our customers. Our two key focus areas are business and government institutions - we do not perform personal document translation for individuals.

Our company's success has been built on providing the best translation services at reasonable rates. This has been accomplished by using translators who hold a linguistic degree or have equivalent professional experience and are competent in their field. Our translators translate only into their mother tongue. We do not use or offer machine translation.

With experienced, tried and tested, in-house and freelance translators, Language Marketplace offers its clients a quality translation service at fair prices. Language Marketplace recognizes that it is not just the word accuracy of a translation that is important but the cultural localization as well, something that only experienced native language translators can convey.

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The Translation Services Leader!

* Quality certified translation services because we only use qualified and experienced native linguists. Every document we translate is completely proofread by a second translator at no added cost to you.

* Certified to CGSB131.10, the Government Standard for Translation Services. This audited Standard is used as a defining factor in determining if you are using a "trusted" translation provider.

* Cost-effective pricing - we are the most competitive in the industry. Free inclusive proofreading as mandated by our certification and no hidden costs (other companies can charge a 25% up charge).

* Word counts are based on source documents, not the unknown or estimated number of words in the target language.

* On-time for every project - we guarantee it! We have the resources and methodology to handle any project in a timely manner - our vast list of references will give you these assurances!

* Personalized service with assigned Customer Service Coordinators for a single point of contact. The experience of our team sets us apart.

* Comprehensive services: Translation, Proofreading, Document formatting and Desktop Publishing. We also offer free pre-press proofreading, to ensure your printed material is set as it was intended!

* Security is as important to us as it is to you. We have several layers of security including both hard and soft security measures which are re-evaluated on a regular basis.


Canadian Translation CGSB 131.10

The language translation industry comprises thousands of translation companies with a wide variety of skill sets.

Language Marketplace offers something few companies can compete; a unique combination of quality and cost-effective translation services with excellent customer service. The result is high customer satisfaction and retention. These key attributes are the reason Language Marketplace is your best choice as a language translation service provider!


Please call Toll Free 1-888-294-3032
E-mail for a response in min/hrs, not days!

Please note: we only provide translation services for businesses and government agencies directly; we do not take requests from individuals or translate personal documents.


We translate all types of professional documents including the following:

* Technical manuals and patents, legal documents, medical literature, legal and trade agreements, business and financial statements, marketing materials, advertising and public relations materials, magazine and newspaper articles.


We maintain a rigorous Quality Management System for all translation projects:


* All of our translators hold a linguistic degree from a major university in their target language. All written documents, regardless of their size and turnaround time, are first evaluated by a Team Leader to match the projects nuances with the appropriate translator. A terminology platform may be developed to ensure document consistency. It is then translated, edited, and also proofread by a second translator. Finally, the Team Leader reviews the finished product for structural integrity. This team-oriented process ensures consistency in content, form, and style of the translated document.

* We create company-specific glossaries for large on-going translation projects, which tend to have many revisions. Such glossaries ensure accurate and consistent use of terminology for future related translation projects as well.

* We have an established Code of Ethics.


Our quality translation services ensure your effectiveness, competitiveness and ultimately your success in foreign and multicultural local markets.

Delivery can be arranged by e-mail, fax, courier, or regular mail. We work with ALL file formats including HTML, Word, Excel, etc. You name it and we have worked with it! Quotations are provided promptly and free of charge only after we have thoroughly analyzed the text. Fees for translation are calculated on a per job basis, based on a number of factors including:

* The complexity and nature of the text
* The length of the text
* The required turnaround time
* The language required

Our knowledgeable staff will help you every step of the way. Our customer service and quality will bring you back.


Perils of Machine Translation


No matter how sophisticated or expensive a translation program may be, it has major limitations. A software package can only do what it is programmed to do. Translation programs are fine for single word translation, but they cannot perform contextual translation. Regardless of the manufacturer's claims, no software package can deal with the constantly changing nature of a living language. Legal, scientific and specialized phrases and terms are a particularly problematic area for translation programs, but they also often have difficulty with simple homonyms and synonyms.

You've probably received dozens of advertisements for software packages that claim to meet every imaginable translation need, from literal translation to complex legal contracts. These ads often include such enticing statements as:


* Automatic complete text translation *
* Translating without linguistic knowledge *
* The complete text translator *
* Save a lot of money! A translation program will do all translations. *

Well, we continually test various translation programs to see just how accurate they are. Online translation services (such as the free service provided at Google) were included in the tests. Prices ranged from free to very expensive, but all tested programs provided the same results. None of the programs yielded accurate contextual translation. In other words, the meaning of the original passage was lost in the translation.

Machine translations can assist in translating simple texts. They are however not suitable for complex texts.

Please read this article which tells a real story about these perils.





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