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Somali Translation


About Our Somali Translation Services

We are a Canadian company with experience and a reputation you can trust!

  • Fast free translation estimates for any Somali translation project!
  • Proofreading by a second translator is always included!
  • Superb service and quality at cost-effective rates!
  • Our quality reference list will give you peace of mind.

Call us at 888-294-3032 or click the button in the upper right of our website for a fast and knowledgeable response.

We only translate Somali for business and government institutions directly. To assist individuals, we have gathered information on translating a wide range of personal documents such as Birth Certificates, Passports and Passport Stamps, Driver Licenses, Criminal Records and Criminal Clearances, Marriage Licenses, School Transcripts, and Diplomas and Degrees. Please visit HERE!

Somali to English and English to Somali Translation Services

* Somali was a language with a purely oral tradition until the Osmanya alphabet, which was written from left to right and had letter names taken from Arabic, was developed in 1920.

* It was not until 1972 when Italian and British colonial powers arrived in Somalia that a Latin alphabet was adopted with a number of indigenous writing systems being developed in the early 20th Century.

* The Latin version of the Somali alphabet is currently the most widely used script and was designed by linguistics specifically for the written Somali language, and although it is almost exactly the same, it doesn’t use the letters z, p, and v.


Samples of Somali Translation and Interpretation Services

* Over the years we have translated a wide range of documents -94% from Somali to English.

About the Somali Language

* The name Somali originally came from the words ‘soo’ and ‘mal’ which mean ‘go and milk it’, which is a reference to the traditional nomadic pastoral society of the Somalis.

* There is approximately 16.6 million Somali speakers around the world, with around 8.3 million of them being residents of Somalia and Djibouti and the rest being residents of Ethiopia, Yemen and Kenya.

* Parts of present day Somalia formed part of the Ethiopian kingdom of Aksum between the 2nd and 7th Centuries, with Arab tribes establishing the Sultanate of Adal along the coast which borders the Gulf of Aden.

* Many present day Somalis are Sunni Muslims and due to the historical influence of Islam, there are many religious and other terms borrowed from the Arabic language, with a significant borrowing from Persian as well as colonial English and Italian.

* The Somali language attained official language status in the 1970’s and so many new Somali words were created to express concepts in the governmental and educational fields.


Interesting Facts about Somali

* The Somali coastline is 3300km long, connecting both the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean which makes it the longest coastline in Africa.

* The tsunami and earthquake that occurred in the Indian Ocean in 2004 had a devastating impact on Somalia, with 289 people reported dead or missing and hundreds left homeless.

* Although Somalia is one of the African countries with the lowest HIV infection rates, around 35% of Somali children under five years old die from dehydration and other epidemics.

* Although Somalia is considered by many to be a 3rd world country, it has one of the most advanced telecommunications systems in Africa.


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About Somali...

There is approximately 16.6 million Somali speakers around the world, with around 8.3 million of them being residents of Somalia and Djibouti and the rest being residents of Ethiopia, Yemen and Kenya.