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Farsi Translation


About Our Farsi Translation Services

We are a Canadian company with experience and a reputation you can trust!

  • Fast free translation estimates for any Farsi translation project!
  • Proofreading by a second translator is always included!
  • Superb service and quality at cost-effective rates!
  • Our quality reference list will give you peace of mind.

Call us at 888-294-3032 or click the button in the upper right of our website for a fast and knowledgeable response.


We only translate Farsi for business and government institutions directly. To assist individuals, we have gathered information on translating a wide range of personal documents such as Birth Certificates, Passports and Passport Stamps, Driver Licenses, Criminal Records and Criminal Clearances, Marriage Licenses, School Transcripts, and Diplomas and Degrees. Please visit HERE!

Farsi to English and English to Farsi Translation Services

* Farsi has 32 letters and is written from right to left using an Arabic script.

* Most letters must be connected to one another, with the complexity lying in the placement of dots above, below or inside each letter.

* There are 20 different forms of the script making calligraphy a highly appreciated art for Farsi speakers.


Samples of Farsi Translation and Interpretation Services

* We have performed several lengthy Farsi translation services for various government entities.

About the Farsi Language

* Farsi is an Indo-Iranian language that belongs to the Indo-European family of languages and was the language of the Parsa people who ruled Persia (modern day Iran) between 550BC and 330BC.

* It was spoken all the way from India in the East to the Mediterranean in the West and from Russia in the North to the Southern shores of Egypt.

* There are four distinct periods or classes of Persian which are Old, Middle, Classical and Modern Persian, all of which have distinct characteristics that set them apart.

* Parsa or Fars was once the center of the Persian Empire and Old Persian or the ‘original’ Farsi is what the Parsa tribe of the Hakahmaneshinian (Achaemenid) era spoke as evidenced by a cuneiform script found carved in stone.

* It is believed that the transition from Old to Middle Persian actually began before the 4th Century, however the first evidence of this only appears in inscriptions from the Sassanid era which was around 600 years later.

* Modern Persian development actually spans more than 1,000 years and thus is often divided into three different periods, however native Farsi speakers can understand much of the early Persian scripts as the language has stayed almost identical for most of the millennium.

* There were originally a lot of Arabic terms and phrases in Farsi, however with the establishment of Contemporary Standard Person many of these words have been ‘nativized’ so there are now less Arabic words found in colloquial Farsi.


Interesting Facts about Farsi

* Persia is credited with building the earliest windmills which resembled large paddle wheels, this would mean that they were far ahead of other nations in harnessing the natural energy provided by the wind.

* Persia existed up until 1935 when the name was eventually changed to Iran.


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About Farsi...

Farsi is more commonly known as Persian and is mostly spoken in Iran, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan although it is also understood in certain areas of Armenia, Azerbaijan, India, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan and Turkey.


With approximately 72 million native speakers and around 62 million second language speakers, Farsi is one of the most commonly spoken of the three main Persian dialects.