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Arabic Translation


About Our Arabic Translation Services

We are a Canadian company with experience and a reputation you can trust!

* Fast & free estimates for any Arabic translation project!

* Proofreading by a second translator is always included!

* Superb service and quality at cost-effective rates!

* Our quality reference list will give you peace of mind.

Call us at 888-294-3032 or click the button in the upper right of our website for a fast and knowledgeable response.


We only translate Arabic for business and government institutions directly. To assist individuals, we have gathered information on translating a wide range of personal documents such as Birth Certificates, Passports and Passport Stamps, Driver Licenses, Criminal Records and Criminal Clearances, Marriage Licenses, School Transcripts, and Diplomas and Degrees. Please visit HERE!

Arabic to English and English to Arabic Translation Services

* The Arabic script is used by a seventh of the world’s population with millions in Africa and Asia using Arabic script to write in their own language.

* Arabic is written in script, and is not printed. It is also currently the second most widespread script used throughout the world.

* Arabic script has 28 letters and is written from right to left, while numerals are written from left to right. Depending on where an individual character appears in a word (alone, at the beginning, middle or end) changes the form of that particular word.

* Every single word in the Arabic language begins with a consonant and is followed by a vowel.


Samples of Arabic Translation and Interpretation Services

* Language Marketplace has translated wide ranging projects including "single projects" of over 500,000 words for subsidiary organizations of NATO.


About the Arabic language

* Arabic is the sacred language of the Muslims and until the conflict of opinion about the Quran arose, it was primarily an oral language.

* Arabic is a Semitic language that was first heard on the Arabian Peninsula, and as different groups moved into the Middle East and neighbouring areas, they carried these languages with them. At the start of the 7th Century AD the Arab Conquests took speakers of various Arabic dialects, along with their religion of Islam out of the Arabian Peninsula and into the majority of the Middle East and North Africa.

* Under the Umayyad dynasty which occurred from 661 AD to 750 AD, Arabic continued to be the chosen language of poetry, enriching its literature with Persian translations and other languages, and acquiring new terminology in the linguistic, philosophy and theology fields.

* Arabic literature reached its so called golden age under the Abbasid rule from Baghdad (750 – 1258 AD) when linguistic studies reached an unprecedented level of sophistication. Many scholars, whether Arab, non-Arab, Muslim, Christian or Jew took part in this development of intellectual life with Arabic as the preferred language.

Interesting facts about Arabic

* The earliest known example of Arabic script is an inscription that was found in the Syrian Desert. It has been dated back to the 4th Century AD.

* One Thousand and One Nights, often known as Arabian Nights is a collection of Middle Eastern and South Asian stories that according to legend was begun by Scheherazade on her wedding night in order to avoid being executed by her husband in the morning.

For a review of the Arabic language with emphasis writing and translation - CLICK

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About Arabic...

There are more than 150 million Arabians who speak and write Arabic, and it is also spoken in many North African countries and those on the Arabian Peninsula. In fact Arabic is the first language pf approximately 3% of the world’s population.