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The conference was a great success.  Our delegates enjoyed the translators and the translators seemed to enjoy the conference as well.  The translators knew exactly what to do and when.  No negative criticisms.

I have passed the invoice off to the accountant.

Thank you again. "



"Thank you for the excellent job done! We'll definitely use only your service in future. "


Account Manager
Newcon Optic



Thank you for the wonderful job you have done for me!  My last experience with a different translation service was a disaster.  We have two French people here internally, one a Quebecois and one a Paris native.  Both complemented your work!  I will contact you in the future should I need anything. We have a retail division at HT that is developing a new web site.  Once it is complete, they will contact you for translation services. Thanks again!

Kind Regards,
Sales and Marketing Coordinator
Harold T Inc.



"Thank you so much for the prompt service."

MobileJump Inc.

"Again, thank you so, so much for everything.  Your professionalism and your grace has made working in Toronto a real pleasure and we hope to be back again soon."

Hollywood, CA



"I can't thank you enough for your incredibly quick response to our request and for accommodating us at the last minute as you did.
Please do forward your invoice for service directly to my attention and I will relay it to Finance for remittance."

Elaine Risk
Scheduling Dept.
Ontario Government Insurance Tribunal


"I have had a chance to review the translation.  Everything appears in order.  I want to thank you for your help and the quick turnaround on these documents.  I am very pleased with the level of service and will gladly use your company again in the future for any other translations.

Atlant Turbines


"Thank you very much.  Great turnaround time."

Skilcar Food Products Inc.



"Dear Language Marketplace,
I would like to commend and thank your organization for arranging an interpreter for us on such short notice.  I would also like to thank Elizabeth ( the interpreter dispatched) for her professionalism and co-operation.  Without her skills and ability we would, I'm sure, still be trying to simply greet our client's representative!  If all of your interpreters are as professional and skilled as Elizabeth is, I'm sure your company is very successful. If you would please forward to Elizabeth my personal thank-you for a job well done I would be very appreciative.
Should we be in situation where we require your services again, we will not hesitate to give you a call and will recommend your agency to all that ask.

Once again, mucho gracias!"

Best Regards,
TIW Steel Platework



"As you can tell, I am just now reviewing the text that Language Marketplace translated for the CCRX.  Not only did you guys meet our tight deadline, but you also took the time to look up the French versions of publications where applicable, and insert them into the text! You have saved me HOURS of work, because I thought I'd have to do that.

Thank you for the great job you guys did!!!!"

"Thanks so much! Once again, Language Marketplace comes through for us!"

Development Manager



"Thank you very much.  We will definitely use you as our first choice in the future."

Cassels & Brock


" Thank you! We really appreciate your team's efforts and we will definitely think of you first should we have any translating needs in the future,... ".

Fashion Television


" just wanted to say thank you for your hard work and patience in getting all of this translation work done for JVC. The site looks great with the translation in place. "



"Once again I would like to
thank you for your great work, you helped make a daunting task a resounding
success. The conference interpreters and Brian in particular were great!"

Best wishes,
Lisa, eccommons.net



"You have been very professional in your service and I have no doubt in recommending your services to anyone.
Take Care."

Dr.Kishore Parag


"I am very impressed with how fast you have accommodated us. I will make sure to pass on your service information to the rest of my company and my client as well."

Tiffany, OnX


" You guys have done a great job. Much appreciated."



"thanks for the fast turnaround! I just want to let you know that your
service via the Internet was extremely easy, quick and efficient.

Thanks again,

Tim Lang



"Thank you very much for all your hard work."






"AMAZING! You guys are GOOD!
Thanks again for the quick turn around. I've approved the invoice and passed it to accounting."

"Thanks again for the quick turnaround Ema! You've been a real help on a challenging project!"

Livewire Communication Inc.



Hello Ms Dantas,

Once again thank you for the excellent service- We will be sure to continue to call on you should we need further translations & will gladly be recommending your Company to others.

regards Bruno
The Hughe Group



This is EXCELLENT service!
I'm very impressed with your company, and am very pleased with my colleague's recommendation.
Have a great day,



Thank you, Cristina. You and your colleagues are wonderful! We were able to meet the deadline- many, many thanks!




"You work too hard!! Thanks so much for your help with this. It is a pleasure doing business with you."

Earning Your Respect
Senior Manager
Trans Canada



"Thanks a lot your timing is just PERFECT ! Great Job very happy.


Account Manager



"Hi Patricia,
Thanks for the hard work you are putting in for our projects."



Hi Ema,
I downloaded the files and they look great. Thank you (and your
translators) for all of the hard work to meet our deadline. This is phase 1 of a very large project and I'm sure we'll have a lot more work for you.

Burndsand & Associates



"I have looked at the documents and everything seems good. I can see how I can easily make name changes in the Word format.
I’ll contact you if I have any questions.
Your company was very good to deal with. You answered my questions and listened to my concerns. I would highly recommend you to others."

Director of Development
NW Christian Collegiate



Direction et management                                       Montréal Lundi le 11 août 2008
Language Marketplace
355 Watline
Mississauga, Ont. L4Z 1P3



   Madame, monsieur,

   La présente est pour vous faire part du très grand professionnalisme et de l’attitude exceptionnelle de vos interprètes Audette, Michel, Alba. Irena et Martha lors du congrès de  A.C.E. qui avait lieu au Lord Elgin d’Ottawa du 30 juillet au 1er août dernier.

   Tout d’abord, laissé moi me présenter, Je suis un technicien et concepteur pigiste en audiovisuel et multimédia basé a Montréal. Cette semaine la j’avais la compagnie Canadian Translation Services comme client qui était sous contractant pour la compagnie audiovisuel Advantage fournisseur officiel du Lord Elgin.

   Bien que je possède plusieurs années d’expériences et que tout le matériel est étés vérifié la veille, il n’en demeure pas moins que ce type de système multilingue est capricieux surtout si mal entretenu. Résultat, de grave problèmes techniques directement lié au système ce sont produits 5 minutes avant le début du congrès retardant l’évènement d’environ 30 minutes mais ayant des répercussions toute la matinée ainsi qu’une bonne partie de l’après midi. Ce fut personnellement un véritable cauchemar, ayant même l’obligation d’évacuer les cabines afin de remplacer les consoles et le filage. De plus, le système d’air conditionnée étant très bruyant, il n’était pas fonctionnel causant la température très élevé en cabine et ce malgré les ventilateurs de toit. Bref, des conditions de travail très difficile et inconfortable.

   Les personnes mentionnées ci haut sont non seulement demeurées professionnelles et en poste en tout temps sans aucune plaintes, mais aussi fait preuve d’une grande compréhension et encore une fois, d’une excellente attitude. De plus, ils ont étés très sympathiques allant même jusqu’a m’offrir des mots d’encouragements. Ils sont tous exceptionnels aux point ou mon entourage professionnel en entendra parler pendant longtemps. Un très sincere remerciement a tous et toutes.
   Cordialement vôtre,

    Stéphane Mailhot



Thanks Again.  Enjoyed the excellent service you provided for my brochure in French.  I’ve received the invoice and remit payment via cheque.


Tina Beattie
Mindbody Matters Hypnosis Centre